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Collation between the Architecture of the Churches and Housing from Antiquity to the Present Day

Shaloom Mbambu, L.Y. Kabeya Mukeba

Churches, cathedrals and castles beaten from antiquity to modern times were relevant from that time to the present day, and preserved as cultural heritage. Our predecessors as François 1er, Michelangelo, and Giotto left us traces. Gustave Eiffel, Hector Guimard did not decrease their time to show modernization (evolution) in architecture. Plagiarism is a brake on architectural development, construction works of spirits is necessary architecture. This work explains the relationship between ancient and modern architecture. It also shows the power of mathematics in modern architecture. Lire tout…

Generating Spherical Surface of Wear Drain in Cutting Metal by Finite Element Method Analysis

D. Nahum Kabeya, L.Y. Kabeya Mukeba

In this work, the design of surface defects some support of the anchor rod ball joint. The future adhesion contact was rocking in manufacture machining, for giving by the numerical analysis of a short simple solution of thermo-mechanical coupled problem in process engineering. The analysis of geometrical evaluation and the quasi-static and dynamic states are discussed in kinematic dimensional tolerances onto surfaces of part. Geometric modeling using the finite element method (FEM) in rough part of such phase provides an opportunity to solve the nonlinearity behavior observed by empirical data to improve the discrete functional surfaces. The open question here is to obtain spherical geometry of drain wear with the operation of rolling. The formulation with (1 ± 0.01) mm thickness near the drain wear semi-finishing tool for studying different angles, do not help the professional factor in design cutting metal related vibration, friction and interface solid-solid of part and tool during this physical complex process, with multi-parameters no-defined in Sobolev Spaces. The stochastic approach of cracking, wear and fretting due to the cutting forces face boundary layers small dimensions thickness of the workpiece and the tool in the machining position is predicted neighbor to ‘Yakam Matrix’. Lire tout…


Challenges of Technical and Engineering Students in the Application of Scientific Cancer Knowledge to Preserve the Future Generation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Shaloom Mbambu, Pascal Tshimbalanga, Ruth Mutala, Roger Kabuya, D. Nahum Kabeya, L.Y. Kabeya Mukeba

In this article, the authors examine the even more worrying situation of girls in sub-Saharan Africa. Two-girls on five are private of Global Education, which represents a real loss to the development of communities and countries. Cultural traditions, poverty, violence, early and forced marriages, early pregnancies, and many other gender inequalities were the causes of this cancer development. Namely, « it is no more efficient development tool that is educating girls. » The non-schooling of girls and their lack of supervision by liberal professions have serious consequences for the life of each of them. To improve the conditions of their inferior status, girls to men introduce poverty and health risks. Raising awareness among parents and communities on the importance of girls’ education, improving children’s access to school, girl-boy equality with their rights, creating income, and generating activities for girls, girls, and girls learning of liberal trades to make them self-sufficient. Organizations such as the United Nations Organization can save the children. ASEAD and the AEDA group are predicting the impact of this cancer on the development of a nation’s future generation must be preserved. Lire tout…

Multiparameter control modeling of electrical signal in a medium voltage network by Markov random approach

D. Nahum Kabeya, G.B. Kosso, C.T. Mbikayi, Sadiki Amisini, L.Y. Kabeya Mukeba

In this paper, the electrical signals coupled to the fields present in a medium voltage network are analyzed by the random Markov approach. The aim is to determine the functional constant with infinite duration through multi-variable stabilization in commandability and controllability. The coherence between the field works and the simulation is obtained with an error of 4% by using the MATLAB even though the application of Markov random approach in electrical networks still requires further improvement. This task is left for future work. Lire tout…

“Yakam Matrix” Experimental Nonlinearity in Meta profile Mechanical Engineering and its Interdisciplinary Applications of Applied Techniques Professional Master for The ISTA-Kinshasa DR Congo

L.Y. Kabeya Mukeba

The applied investigation of Tuning methodology oriented to new programme Master Professional for concretizing an emergency political vision of development based on “Yakam Matrix” was studied in this paper. The concepts of nonlinear time-series which are the basis of the experimental analysis outcomes multiparameter nonlinear systems are explained to such different fields of ISTA divisions as : mechanical engineering and maintenance, electrical engineering, aerospace and agro-meteorology and environment. Then, the nonlinear dynamic equations and the partial differential equations are established in common interdisciplinary options departments. The modelling, prediction, nonlinear in manufacturing, detecting design determinism, combustion and turbulence of fluids mechanics, diffusion and tribology in cutting metal, motion in synchronization in mechatronic and spatio-temporal time series are surveyed and introduced in curricula. The Intra-Africa Academic Mobility Scheme of Pan-African Programme prediction of this new project were in future model, good with the experimental results because the Democratic Republic of Congo is going catch the level of her dimension with the financial support from private and publics national and world organizations. Lire tout…


Interface solide-fluide de matrice Yakam : Modélisation et dimensionnement d’une structure satellitaire par la h-version de la méthode des éléments finis

Lema Nkwalu Blaise, Cimbela Kabongo Joseph, Ntampaka Biruga Benjamin, Makengo Lutimba Hubert, and L.Y. Kabeya

La RDC avec le programme national de recherche spatiale et technologique (PNRST), fait l’objet de l’amélioration de la structure du satellite propre à elle-même. La problématique est de simuler et modéliser la structure du point de vue viscoplasticité, vibration et comportement cryogénique à des très hautes altitudes. Le dimensionnement sera facilité par l’approche suivante : 1. La fissuration parmi les modes de ruine des structures ; 2. La mécanique de la rupture parmi les modèles traitant de la fissuration des structures ; 3. Les méthodes des éléments finis parmi les méthodes numériques applicables en mécanique de la rupture. Lire tout…

Modeling coupled problem by Yakam Matrix: REFWS in PAP of 513 hectares of ASEAD in Bateke Twa/Maindombe, DR Congo

Mutala Ruth,  Shaloom K. Mbambu, D. Nahum Kabeya, Roger K. Kabongo & L.Y. Kabeya Mukeba

Abstract—In this work the simulation and modeling coupled problem of sustnabilitity development are studied by “Yakam Matrix” in food, water security, renewable energy with added manufacturing and civil engineering. This pilot innovation in sub-urban and rural management promote economic growth, addressing social and environmental challenges. The localization of Mashabio Village, Baboma, south Boku, limited to Bateke South Twa geography zone 3°10’ South16°12’ in West for Kwamouth, Maindombe of Democratic of Congo, Sub-Saharan Africa contribute at high life quality by simple integrated multidisciplinary project. The solution of poverty reduction, the quality of drinking water, renewable energy, packaging and preservation of agricultural products are some results with open questions in civil and mechanical engineering management. The 513 hectares help to professionalize and to academise the engineers of all countries visiting mobility in DR Congo by the new skills. Be the start of a project by adding values to farmers, education and rural-agro-industry. Lire tout…

Interface Liquid-Solid: Global Bifurcation Multiparameter of Flow Water Waves through Porous Compacted Granular by “Yakam Matrix »

L.Y. Kabeya Mukeba 

The construction of the tourbillon balls is fundamentally well known to Constatin and Strauss. In this work, we apply the flow of water through the compacted granular, in order to arrive at a model of passage in confinement and stagnation through the pores. An approach agrees of the advanced theory of water waves and the application of dynamics in microfluidics is discussed to improve “ASEAD Project water for everybody”. The approximation solution of nonlinear stochastic partial differential equation for only element of “Yakam Matrix” liquid-solid interface by simple understanding bifurcation behavior will follow the some trajectory of waves of water, granular compaction and dynamics of fluids at all scales, then we are still just at the beginning. Lire tout…


Chaudières: Conception, fabrication, installation, exploitation et contrôle

L.Y. Kabeya Mukeba 

Cet ouvrage, basé sur la vaste expérience industrielle et pédagogique de l’auteur, s’inscrit dans une série dont l’unité novatrice est celle de la production de la vapeur comme fluide de travail avec une explication simple à tous dans « Yakam Matrix ». Le sujet des chaudières ne présente qu’une seule partie composante du cours de Machines thermiques que le Professeur Kabeya a dispensé, il y a plus de trois décennies jusqu’à ce jour 2021. Le lecteur trouvera une synthèse que réside l’originalité principale dans ce texte gouvernant les phénomènes autour des interfaces liquide-gaz, gaz-gaz et liquide-liquide par la génération thermodynamique de ce fluide caloporteur. Ce thermofluide, exploité au 1er siècle après Jésus-Christ, a été rejeté au profit du pétrole qui nous crée en ce 21e siècle le problème de réchauffement climatique avec les Gaz à Effet de Serre (GES). L’intérêt de la vapeur d’eau est un perpétuel sujet de discussion et encore mal connu. Lire tout…

“Yakam Matrix” as a Predictive Fractal Fragmentation Model of RSNEM: Sustainable Technico-Economic Neo-reconfigurability at the Inter Housing Sector

Jean Kitoko di Sola, Tshiswaka Ngalula Kanyinda Martin, Mbambu Shaloom, Kinyoka Kabalumuka, Cimbela Kabongo, Mondjalis Poto, Mbikayi Mpanya, L.Y. Kabeya Mukeba

The authors discuss a new reconfigurability of fragmentation phenomenon, technical-economic housing surfaces affecting the quality of life, likely to meet the constraints of the Inter sector of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urbanism « CEAU » from the idea of build a residential dwelling in an urban environment on a divided surface for an adequate environment. The goal is to predict by a mathematical model of fractal fragmentation of surfaces with the natural element’s method coupled with Mandelbrot geometry. Although elevation in height is a solution, the management of the space built and developed is an open question. The simulation towards Africa of 2063, using a typical case of the city province of Kinshasa, in the Democratic Republic of Congo of Sub-Saharan Africa justifies one of the trends which highlights a consistency between the projections of 2035 and reality with the use of the « Engineering Equations Solver » software. The approximated singularities obscure the admissible threshold at the limit interfaces in “Yakam Matrix ”; if cities are only demographically concentrated in rural areas with a rate of 2.25-3 m2 / inhabitant and one of the distances of a fragmented plot is equal to or greater than 7.5±2.5 meters according to the current trend of affected countries. In addition to the introduction and conclusion, this work has four points: (i) The « Yakam Matrix » in the habitat; (ii) The reconfigurability of the fragmentation coupling by fractal geometry and natural elements; (iii) Formulation and coupling of numerical methods and fractal geometry; (iv) predictive mathematical modeling. Lire tout…


Oil Reservoirs Bifurcation Analysis in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Fractal Characterization Approach of Makelekese MS-25 Field

Leonard Mike McNelly Longwa, Divine Kusosa Musiku, D. Nahum Kabeya

In this paper the bifurcation analysis of oilfield in Democratic Republic of Congo is presented in order to enhance petroleum production in an intense tectonic evolution characterized by distinct compressive and extensive phases and the digenetic transformation in the reservoirs during burial geological configuration. The use of porous media in Makelekese MS-25 field has been established to simulate the boundaries within 3 sedimentary basins open to exploration including the coastal basin with an area of 5992 km2, a central basin with an area of 800,000 km2, the western branch of the East African Rift in which there are 50,000 km2. The fractal characterization of complex hydro-dynamic fractures in oilfield is developed to facilitate oil production process based on reservoirs bifurcation model. Lire tout…